About Us

Drive Junky is a custom manufacturing shop specifically concentrating on high end accessory drive systems for the best builds out there. We have provided drive systems all over the world on the coolest show cars as well as the most functional street machines. We take pride in building systems that are simple using the best parts and the highest performance accessories on the market. We machine from premium aircraft aluminum and high grade stainless steel using heavy stock to keep the parts to a minimum for durability and all out performance. Our goal is not about numbers, but is about the quality of the systems we manufacture.

When shopping for drives, a few things to consider..

1. Accessory quality, and age of technology of those accessories
2. Are there bags of spacers and many loose parts needed for assembly, or are the components custom designed and machined for the application.
3. Are the tensioners and bearings up to the task for what you are building or are they single bearing and plastic?
4. Does the drive have compactness and enough belt wrap around the accessories for accessory performance as well as overall drive system durability?

We believe if you compare we will come out on top.. We don’t build for every application, but the applications we build are simply the best.

100% USA built and machined here in Southern California