LT5 Serpentine Accessory Drive System



Our latest in house design for the brand new LT5 dry sump engine.  The 2019 Corvette ZR1 engine available from GM is the pinnacle to date of Chevrolet performance.  Its the most powerful engine ever offered in a chevy production vehicle or in a crate to your door.  We spent a good part of the year engineering a drive system that will allow you to shoehorn this monster into whatever type of vehicle you can dream up.  You are looking at an original design, like our LT4 and LT1 systems, we dont copy whats out there, we engineer for the future.  This system runs a reverse rotation power steering pump to utilize the dual sided serpentine accessory belts that identify these latest engines.  The supercharger belt runs on its own, so as not to overspin other accessories, while providing a simple belt wrap around the supercharger and damper.


In house original design (design patent is pending)

Jones Racing reverse rotation power steering pump set up for a remote power steering reservoir

Sanden Brand compressor to run with aftermarket ac systems

Compact close to the engine design, requiring no more room in front of the engine then the factory engine needs.

Dual sided Gates accessory belt and tight tolerances for maximum belt wrap and durability.

Fits most older car frames, we will post a engine dimensions diagram soon to help with installs..

Utilizes the factory GM water pump from the LT5 engine not an older style LS water pump which is not engineered by GM for this engine.

Powermaster alternator built for Drive Junky for this application, to run properly at the lower idle necessary with direct injection while having the power and performance necessary for the custom car builds going on in the modern era.