Read wet sump drive system for more specifics, but this kit adds some components that adapt it to a dry sump engine..

This system includes all components in the “Street Monster LT4 drive system” plus the following



  1. Supercharger press on hub and our custom machined blower pulley.
  2. ATi super damper
  3. Our special “adapter” rear damper drive pulley that runs accessories and mounts the outer 8 groove supercharger only ATI pulley on to run the supercharger, which you can then choose from multiple boost pressures given the diameter of the one chosen..
  4. Factory GM wet sump style CTSV, Camaro water pump

Choice of one of the below supercharger damper pulleys from ATI

916163-5 – 8.437” AT THE RIBS (8.59” OVERALL)

916163-10 – 8.80” AT THE RIBS (9.00” OVERALL)

916163-15  – 9.24” AT THE RIBS (9.40” OVERALL)

Iisted as -5, or -10, or -15  for Overdrive..


For the dry sump engines this is really ideal.. it allows really any blower pulley size to run various boost pressures and leaves no strain on the accessories for doing so in that they are on a separate belt.