LOW AC LS drive system


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It was designed to do that..

System available in Hand Polish and our unique Brushed finish as well ..  Inquire..

Designed for LS installations.   Features custom machined aircraft 6061 aluminum brackets and pulleys.  Minimal spacers and hardware parts for a custom and easy installation.  Rigid idlers with stainless axles and twin 20,000 rpm bearings for all out street machines.  AC Hoses exit just below heater hoses through a custom manifold for a sanitary installation.


Kit includes

Aircraft 6061 cnc aluminum brackets and pulleys machined here in house

twin 20,000 rpm bearings in idler and tensioner pulleys

ATI super damper, fitted with custom machined billet pulley

Performance aluminum water pump included, with custom machined billet pulley

Jones Racing custom aluminum Power Steering pump and Tig welded fabricated Tank . ( also avail with external tank setup.  Fitted with our custom PS pulley.

Powermaster 170 amp single wire alternator.  (high end internal fan late model unit)

Sanden brand AC compressor to work with all aftermarket and stock AC systems. Uses our custom manifold for easy hose hookup. Hose connections are just below the heater hose connection for a cleaner look and installation.  Custom AC billet cover.

Gates belt

Detailed instructions for  a no surprises installation.

All you see less the engine is included, you provide the bare block and this will get you up and running with a custom drive.