L83 L86 Truck Engine Gen 5 Delete Alternator




Accessory drive system L83 (Alternator Delete) *NEW Introductory pricing *


For those guys that want to save some money, we are offering this kit without the alternator.  This kit will accept a factory OEM l83 alternator that may have come with your engine.


Introducing our new GEN 5 “truck engine” L83 and L86 accessory drive system.   Brand new design only available here.  This is an economical answer for those guys pulling these engines out of late model Silverado’s, and other Chevy trucks. Even though these are  truck engines they are very similar in architecture to the LT1 engine found in high performance newer GM cars. These are aluminum engines that have direct injection, VVT and variable displacement, as their LT counterparts do, for an economical high performance answer for rodders looking for a cost effective solution.

Drive Junky has engineered this new design to allow these high tech, high performance engines to fit into older muscle car and truck frames.

Includes Type 2 power steering pump setup necessary for older vehicles. (modern gm engines use electric power steering)

-Automatic belt tensioner
-All stainless steel high strength hardware.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
-Sanden brand (not knockoff) ac compressor with custom one piece manifold to adapt to standard hose O ring fittings and all aftermarket AC systems, and billet AC pump cover.
-Aluminum power steering type 2 gm remote style pump for external mounted Power Steering reservoir. (customer supplied)
-Machined out of solid billet 6061 aircraft aluminum in large pieces. This is a big difference here, we utilize heavier stock and machine away more material than our competition to minimize additional parts (spacers) to fit the parts better. This is much more expensive and labor intensive than the “plate and spacer” technology you see all over the industry.
-Accessories are easily removed for engine service, much thought has gone into this, we all work on our engines from time to time.

 -Available OEM style Powermaster single wire internal fan 185 amp alternator

And of course this kit is entirely built and machined by us here in the USA